Our New World the Internet

A world all unto itself.  It has opened an entire new atmosphere into my existence. 

Each day I learn and find more of interest.  Today I found a new network of blogs/bloggers and found so much interesting information and work that others are doing.

Stitching Fingers is just that a lot of neat people doing very neat things with needle, and thread using one’s fingers.   I am always enthralled with the scope of all the beautiful work that is accompliahed with bits of thread and fabric.

Because of this great “thing” the Internet I was able to ruin my budget if I ever had one, with all he great finds for making quilts for my family, with all the EdMar thread and BE designs that I couldn’t live without and the list goes on.

When I travel to visit my family there are 2 bags for me, and 5-6 for my crafts (and if I stay very long that number grows).






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