Hope all that have found this blog have gotten some help with stitches.

Seems my life for the past few months has been full of tumbles (up and down).  About the time I think everything is on a smooth and even track something else happens.

At the moment all my belongings are back in storage and I’m living out of a suitcase again.

Jan 30th I had a fire (starting outside) at my new apartment, and 3 weeks after moving in I was moving out.  There was not a lot of damage, I was unhurt, the person living in the adjoining apt was not at home and I lost very little (nothing of value or family treasure).  The fire was contained to a small storage room between the kitchen and back door.

I’m told that it will be about 3 more weeks before I can move in.  They have had setbacks in the repairs.  One the electric company didn’t restore electricity for 2 weeks, the paperwork from the city so they could start work took a week, they did the re-wiring to find that they should have hired a master electrician and now were waiting for one to come to inspect it.

They still have to install all new kitchen cabinets, flooring, light fixtures and finish painting inside and out.

So just maybe in 3-4 weeks I can get back and add some more files here.


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