Instructions on which end of thread to knot

When you take a strand of thread to begin to embroidery – you ponder which end should I knot does it make a difference?  Yes it does.

There are several methods I’ve learned through the time I’ve been stitching.  One is move your fingers down the length of the thread from top to bottom (so to speak) if the thread is smooth then you want to knot the bottom end, if rough knot the top.  You want when you pull it through your fabric to be the smooth one to help prevent troubles.

If you find you are having trouble with the thread you probably have knotted the wrong end.  The EdMar threads used for Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery has a “z” twist where other threads have an “s” twist.

It is like when I take thread from a spool of sewing thread to sew by hand, I always thread with the end last from the spool, then knot that end – less tangles.  It has to do with the twist of the thread.  If in hand sewing you are having knotting problems this could be why – you knotted the wrong end of you thread.




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