Knotting the thread

I was to taught to knot after each bullion, cast-on, leaf etc.  When doing a flower of several bullions or cast-ons, you don’t have to cut the thread, just knot it before going on.  Then if you make a bad one, you only loose the bad stitch not the good ones.  Always be sure and start with a good knot.  This thread is rayon and it will slip out of your knot if not really secure, (except when you get a knot you are trying to undo, and then it won’t give a bit).  I slip my needle back under the stitching on the back of the piece, back and forth several times and cut.  So far I’ve never had it come undone.  It makes the back neater and I DO NOT travel from one flower or leaf, etc to another.  Some say if you use another fabric for a backing then you can.  I’d just rather not have the extra fabric and tie off each.  This again is a personal choice of the stitcher.

Keep a ziploc baggie handy.  When you finish a stitch, sometimes you don’t have enough of that strand of thread left to do another of that stitch, but you do have enough for some french knots or another stitch.  Keep these in a iploc baggie.  These bits of thread are also good to add the flowers to fine growth (if Iris or Glory), small flowers etc to your pieces.  Also, longer pieces are great to use for “practice” stitches.  And sometimes when you finish a flower or leaf, you only need a small amount of that last strand of thread.  So instead of wasting it, it goes in your ziploc bag and gets used when you practice.  As you work with the threads more, you will soon be able to look at a thread and know if it is Lola, Frost, Nova, etc.

If you are doing a piece that takes more than one skein of thread order it and request the same dyelot.  Some colors or worse than others in that they are very different between dyelots.  I have two skeins of Glory 024 (a green) one is blueish the other yellowish.  You can use that to your advantage.  If they were being used on the same piece then they really need to be of the same dyelot.


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