Instructions for Alpine Flower

Alpine Flower

Top of Flower Petals:  Glory thread, long and short blanket stitches. 


Place the stitches close together and ¼’ in length for the short ones.


Center of the petals:  Glory thread, fill in the center of the petal with long and short satin stitch.


Center to bottom of petals:  Glory thread, with a contrasting color of thread fill in the balance of the petal using long and short satin stitches to meet with previous stitches.


Pistils:  Using Glory thread make 3 pistils (not pistil stitch) 55 wrap, 65,

wrap and 55 wrap bullion respectively.  Make nice and thin they will be longer than the space so that they lay up off the fabric and are not straight.


Pistil Base:  Using Iris thread place one 15-wrap bullion stitch across the base of the pistils.


Petal Ruffles:  With Iris thread make detached buttonhole stitches 1

into each loop along blanket-stitched petals..  Depending on desired amount of desired ruffle you can make 3-5 total rows of detached buttonholes stitches.  I’d recommend that in the 2nd row that you increase in every third stitch for more ruffling.


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