Instructions for needlecases from Altoid boxes and sewn one

  Assembly for either the Altoid‘s box or the AOL box:

Using the top of the box draw a pattern.  Cut just inside the drawn line so the pattern is a little smaller than the top of the box.  Using this pattern cut out a piece of fairly stiff cardboard, and a padding (I’d suggest
something thin like felt, Thermolamb, maybe Pellon “firm” or something similar).
With glue attach the batting (felt) to the cardboard.  Take a strong thread (button twist, quilting thread, or something that will take the pulling to pull snug), and run a basting (running) stitch around the design outside where the edge of the box would be.  Trim excess fabric to within ½ inch of the running (gathering stitching).  Insert the padding/cardboard and pull the stitched piece snug to fit the padding/base.  Adjust gathering where it is even, then lace.  Remember top to bottom, side to side, and then continue pattern filling in.  

Now glue to top of the box, and finish the edge with purchased cording.

For the needle holders.
1. Cut Pellon Firm weight to fit the inside of the box, several for Altoids and then put the thread or needle size on it with a permanent marker.  If you have a good number of needles of each size you might want to make individual ones for the needles you use most and then put a couple together on the others.  You should be able to get 4 or 5 pieces of felt (or Pellon)in the box. (I haven’t tried yet).

2. You can either buy the magnetic backing for business cards at a office supply store, and it has a sticky back that you just peel off the backing and attach to the bottom of the box, then your needles with stay in place by the magnetic.  You can put a piece in the lid and in the bottom, and even add a couple of felt ones for extra needles.

3. WalMart and other stores have the magnetic strips that have the adhesive on it, and you can remove backing and glue strips as needed for your needles.

I’m also thinking of gluing the felt to the top of the box, then, using hot glue, glue the edges around, trim and then finish with purchased cording – I haven’t done one this way yet, so I’m not sure it will work.

Assembly for the sewn Needle Case:

You will need to cut a lining and a piece of felt the same size as the stitched outside, and two pieces of  cardboard just a bit smaller than ½ of the size of the finished stitched piece less ½” on all sides for seam allowance.
(This needs to be in two pieces to allow for stitching down the middle of the pages.  Place right sides together, and the felt on the lining side and stitch ½” from the edge across top and bottom (if sewing by machine, it can also be sewn by hand, but be sure and backstitch often for strength of the seam).
Trim the felt very close to the stitching to lessen the bulk in the seams.  Turn.  You will now have a tube.  Insert the cardboard at either end placing it between the felt and the lining.  Turn under the seam allowance and whipstitch ends closed.  NOW is a good time to add ribbon ties if you desire that kind of fastening.  You will need the cardboard to give the case body.

Now cut 3 pieces of Pellon just a bit smaller than the inside of the needle case cover you just made.   Stack them and then center these in the center of the inside of the Needle Case, and stitch down the center a couple of times to make it good and secure.   If don’t don’t want 6 pages for needles than use 1 or 2 pieces of pellon (I originally suggested felt – it is to thick) here.

Closing – several choices, snap, small amount of velcro, ribbon ties (if you are using these you might want to attach them in the seams when you sew the case seams, or a button with crocheted loop.

I’d suggest that since you have several pages in your needle case book for needles, that you start with needles for Nova thread on the first page, and work back to those for Glory with your Darners in the back.  Or if you use mainly a couple of threads put those up front and then work back.  You can write on the Pellon with a permanent marker what thread goes with the needles on that page.

NOTE:  I realize some of you are accomplished seamstresses, but I know some aren’t so I’ve written instructions hopefully for those that aren’t, so they can do either.  Also I have not put mine together, so I can’t say for sure that the stitched one will work as described but it should.

BE Stitched piece for Case you want to make
Padding (felt)
Small length of purchased cording.
Heavy thread for securing over cardboard
Heavy weight Cardboard for base
AOL or Altoid’s tins if you want to make this type
Regular sewing thread
Old magnetic backed business cards, or purchased backing for business cards (cut to size needed – it cuts easily with old pair of scissors) or the magnetic striping you can purchase. – if you chose to use that method of holding your needles

Felt for needle storage


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